Broken Silence: A Secret Life of Abuse
Broken Silence: A Secret Life of Abuse


Broken Silence: A Secret Life of Abuse chronicles the life of Nesa Chappelle, Ph.D., who experienced abuse, beginn ing in childhood, from people in her life who were supposed to love her, including her mother, her stepfather, and her husbands.

Nesa's biological father, a hustler, enjoyed the good life - fancy cars, fine clothes, and pretty women, who he emotionally and physically abused. Nesa's first stepfather, who routinely beat her mother, pursued Nesa for sex throughout her early years. Other female relatives suffered physical and/or emotional abuse from the men in their lives, Growing up in this life not only triggered her quest as a young adult for "a good husband," but also instilled in her a thirst for knowledge and success. Read more

Nesa Chappelle

About Nesa Chappelle

Nesa Chappelle, Ph.D., is a feminist scholar who is dedicated to influencing public policy that affects black and Hispanic women and victims of domestic violence. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

As a young child, I craved my mother’s love — to feel it, to experience her warmth — and this became the one constant desire in my life. Read more

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